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 TDE Rule Book

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PostSubject: TDE Rule Book   Tue May 29, 2012 6:38 pm

In order to establish what is considered appropriate and inappropriate behavior, I will make this rule-book as general guidelines for members to follow and for moderators and admins to know what exactly they are to enforce. I shall cite the charter of The Dark Empire to both expand on and clarify what is stated and add rules to expand on line H:

Subsection II. Expulsion:

A. "Any member may be expelled or otherwise punished, upon trial and conviction, for reasons including, but not limited to:
B. Declarations of war on an TDE member or ally
C. Unauthorized Declarations of War on a nation with alliance membership (not including alliances under the raiding act listed below)
D. Membership in another alliance
E. Spying or forwarding sensitive information to other alliances
F. traitorous activities
G. Disobeying the lawful order of a superior or the Court
H. Actions unbecoming of a TDE member"

Now for the rule-book to expand upon the charter and to clarify its rules. I will split the rules into Four Categories of increasing severity. They go as follows: Minor Rules, Intermediate Rules, Major Rules, and Commandments. The preceding system is to decide the level of punishment necessary for breaking those rules, breaking a commandment for example would most likely result in immediate expulsion from the alliance.

Minor Rules
1. Please keep swearing to a minimum
2. Do not be rude to other members
3. If a template is given, please be sure to follow it
4. Since this is a nation simulation game, please be respectful of other people's political views
5. Please do not post using "First" and/or "last"
6. Please do not post in all caps, since this is considered shouting

Intermediate Rules
1. Do not recruit people to another alliance for this game
2. Do not give false information to mislead other players
3. Do not spam the inbox of another player
4. Do not share personal information with anyone else, and please respect the privacy of other members
5. Do not abuse the reporting system

Major Rules
1. Do not post any racist remarks, statements, or symbols (swastikas, KKK symbols, etc.) on this forum
2. Do not send any racist messages, remarks, statements, or symbols to other players
3. Do not post any offensive content on this site
4. Do not post links to torrents, cracks, or other things of the same nature
5. Do not post links to any malicious websites, exploits, viruses, malware, etc.
6. Do not post any pornographic content on this forum
7. Do not attack any and/or all other countries without permission from either the Viceroy or the Minister Of Defense
8. Do not spy
9. Do not threaten other members for any reason
10. Do not be a member of any other alliance

1. Thou shall not attack an allied country without permission from the Viceroy, or the Minister of Defense
2. Thou shall not hack into the forums
3. Thou shall not use exploits to gain administrative rights
4. Thou shall not buy votes, in-game or anywhere
5. Thou shall not accept any bribes

Anyone found in violation of any major rule or commandment will have a hearing scheduled to explain his/her actions, The hearing will be scheduled at the earliest convenience in the time frame of one week, if the accused does not attend, s/he will be tried in absentia. Violators of intermediate and minor rules will be dealt with appropriately by Moderator action. Also, During times of war, all hearings for offences will be suspended, and instead, all offences will be handled by the Appropriate moderators (Currently only the Emperor, and Lord Of IA)

Please note that we reserve the right to change these rules at any time without any warning, so it'd be wise to check back to this post often

Lord Of The Interior

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TDE Rule Book
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