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 The Charter Of The Dark Empire

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PostSubject: The Charter Of The Dark Empire   Tue May 29, 2012 6:55 pm

Article I: Preamble
The purpose of this document is to lay out the style of government for the Alliance henceforth and forevermore known as The Dark Empire. It is to clarify all laws governing the nations that decide to enter the brotherhood of man and woman of which TDE is made of.

II. Membership

A. Requirements
The ability to apply for membership in TDE is open to all members of the Project Terra community. There is one mandatory trade sphere for being accepted into the TDE, the trade sphere is the North American Union (NAU). This alliance reserves the right to deny applications, and meeting only the aforementioned requirements is no guarantee of admission to the alliance.

B. Applications
All applications are to be accepted my the Lord of the Interior (or his designee) under the direction of the Ruling Council, of which may decide to reject any application of their choosing. Applications are to be made under the directions of the LoI.

C. Expulsion
Any member may be expelled or otherwise punished for reasons including, but not limited to:
Declarations of war on an TDE member or ally
Unauthorized declarations of war on any nation
Membership in another alliance
Forwarding information to other alliances
Disobeying the lawful order of a superior
Actions unbecoming of a TDE member

Article III: Government
The Ruling Council consists of the Viceroy, who shall lead the alliance, and three lords who shall control each facet of the alliance: War, Interior, and Finance.
The Ruling Council may declare war, approve all treaties with foreign alliances, and wield any other powers necessary and proper for the functioning of the alliance.

Section A: Viceroy
The Viceroy is the de facto leader of TDE. He or she is in charge of overseeing the everyday affairs of the alliance, heading the government, and representing the alliance in international affairs. Their duty is the protection and advancement of the alliance. The Viceroy is Head of the Government and may assign positions and delegate power as he so chooses. He shall have a life-long term until he is impeached or resigns.

Section B: Lords
Each Lord is head of a specific department as decided by the Viceroy. Each can be taken out of office or impeached by the House of Commons if so inclined to. Each department can be decided by the Viceroy, and he may at his own digression get rid of departments as he sees fit.
BUT: three departments shall forevermore be apart of TDE; Finance, War, and the Interior.

Article VI: House of The Commons
The House of the Commons is the senate body of all member nations, each holding one vote in the event of referendums, and impeachments.

I. Impeachment
Impeachment is the process by which a member of the government is removed from their position. A petition for impeachment must be submitted to the Viceroy along with the names of five sponsors, or may be initiated unilaterally by the Viceroy. All impeachment votes shall be 48 hours in length.

Viceroy: Shall be removed by a 2/3 vote of the House of the Commons or 3/3 of the Ruling Council.
Lords: Shall be removed by a 3/5 vote of the House of the Commons or the removal by Viceroy

V. Military and War

TDE recognizes a military code of conduct is necessary to ensure honor and organization in wartime.

Any aid to foreign nations at war must be approved by the Ruling Council.
During times of open war, any one vested with such power by the Governorate may designate target(s) free to attack for any period of time.

VI. Conclusion

This document serves to affirm and uphold the values that we accept as central to the beliefs and principles of the Shadow Alliance. The integrity of the Charter depends on each member’s responsibility to uphold the Spirit and Meaning of the Document, and this responsibility should not be taken lightly.

Lord Of The Interior

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The Charter Of The Dark Empire
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